One World Express Inc. Ltd. – The Sponsors, The World Mail and Express Asia Conference and Exhibition.


Logistics cost form an important part of the overall cost structure in any organisation. Focus needs to be on renegotiating freight and shipping rates, reduction in overall freight costs and streamlining operations.

One World Express Inc. Ltd. has rapidly grown as a private owned global logistics, e-commerce and IT solutions provider, currently representing in the UK, the Americas, China, Dubai, and Africa with hubs in China, the UK and North America, providing reduced costs and better services to their clients across borders.

Constant market rate check is the best practice followed by the One World Express team. Usually logistic managers get into a comfort zone with the existing carriers and this leads to a cost creep, keeping a check on the market brings to light other more economical operations. One World Express team believes that streamlining shipping and receiving practices will offer substantial savings, this can happen through reduction of window time for receiving. We maintain a flow chart to determine wasteful processes and combining existing processes.

At One World Express Inc. Ltd. we use the latest technologies to reduce paper work and to avoid any delays. Technologies help keep a track of cross border shipments and deliveries in a more efficient and an organized manner especially to maintain on time deliveries and standard shipping.

The World Mail and Express Asia Conference and Exhibition:

One World Express Inc. Ltd. is one of the key sponsors of the conference that is to be held from the 14th -16th November at the Pan Pacific Hotel in Singapore. The conference provides varied opportunities and challenges to gain further insights into Singapore’s e-commerce strategies and discuss more generally postal strategies in the Asia Pacific region. The event will cover a diverse range of topics, covering a wide aspect of e-commerce. Discussing the impact of customs processes on cross border e-commerce growth; consider the role of rail in expediting cross border transit; and look at the wider issues surrounding the provision of cross border e-commerce solutions.

One World Express Inc. Ltd. is expanding through technology, efficiency, reliability and excellence in customer service. With an established presence in major markets around the world, One World Express Inc. Ltd. is a target driven establishment with dedicated professionals possessing years of experience in the courier and logistics industry.

One World Express Inc. Ltd. provides state of the art technology that’s available for B2C logistics, One World Express Inc. Ltd. also offers a bespoke personalisation opportunity on the shipping labels that are generated from their system. This gives e-retailers an opportunity to further expose their brand to the market and consumers.