Dangerous Goods

Take Precaution when Shipping:

If you are shipping liquids, make sure they are in strong leak-proof container and seal with a double wrapping of plastic film

Package liquids as suggested for delicate and fragile items above.

Leakage may spoil to other items in the same package, so ship liquids in a separate and dedicated carton.
Smelly or Greasy

If you are shipping semi-liquid substances like grease, or strong smelling goods wrap them in plastic film or grease-resistant paper, and seal these items with adhesive tape

Package these items as suggested under delicate and fragile items, above.

Leakage or contamination may spoil other items in the same package, it is recommended items are shipped in a dedicated and separate container.

If you are shipping powders and grains, package these items in a dedicated container or within strong plastic bags. Seal securely.

Package powder items as suggested under section for delicate and fragile items. See above.

Leakage may contaminate other items in the same package, as such ship items in a dedicated container/package.
Sharp Items

When shipping items like tools, knives and scissors, if possible pack sharp items in manufacturer-supplied protective packaging or in a dedicated case that will protect edges and points. Otherwise, protect edges and points with heavy non-corrugated cardboard, tape securely in place so it will not dislodge.

Make sure the recipient knows of potential sharp items in package to avoid the possibility of injury during unpacking.