Online Shopping

Realizing that our reach is beyond logistics and our strength lies in our existing supplier and online retail relationships, One World Express has developed E-commerce platforms, China2You and Your Personal Shopper,  to facilitate online shopping for the international consumers that can not easily access the Chinese or international marketplace.

Online shopping globally is additionally enabled by providing our e-commerce customers with virtual addresses in the United Kingdom, China and United States for them to shop directly and in some cases tax free, and then forward purchases to their home countries around the world.

For international shoppers without credit cards or direct access to online buying, Your Personal Shopper provides a highly skilled Personal Shopper to virtually procure any item, and then ship directly to customers’ destination anywhere in the world.

Our online shopping platforms ease the barrier of entry for consumers, who are looking for new means to access online products  and services from outside their borders at economical prices and via secure delivery networks.