Parcel Delivery

Global Parcel Delivery Network
One World Express Inc. Ltd provides online retailers with a wide range of distribution services for sending parcels globally. Besides standard and priority shipping, OWE provides registered services and Track-and-Trace shipping.

Sending parcels using One World Express is very simple: Customers provide shipping instructions online and we take care of the rest. Using automated systems, we then select the most appropriate distributor for each parcel, depending on:
1 – The service level selected
2 – The weight of the parcel
3 – The dimensions of the parcels
4 – The destination country
One World Express distribution solutions for parcels, include:
Priority Parcel

This is the most competitively priced service for shipping online purchases worldwide. Unlike Registered Parcel, this service does not require a signature for delivery.
Priority Mail

This is the most economical service for sending lightweight parcels, including DVDs, T-shirts, books, catalogues or other printed materials, including regular correspondence. One World will send your shipment to the destination country as international post, and the postman will deliver it in that country as standard post.
Registered Parcel

Registered Parcel service is a perfect, competitively priced service for sending parcels containing expensive or significant contents worldwide. In addition, Registered Parcel is recommended for shipping to destinations where theft is common. The parcels are transported to the destination country through a secure network, and is only delivered to the consumer once the consumer has placed his/her signature for delivery.
Express Delivery

Express delivery is crucial, if your shipment needs to be on the other side of the world as soon as possible. In order to meet this need, One World Express has signed contracts with different carriers to meet customers express delivery needs.