I forgot to leave my contact phone number, how will the delivery person contact me if necessary?

Please make sure that you provide OWE or your original courier company or online retailer with a valid phone number, in order for our driver to contact you when he arrives at your address to deliver your parcel. If you additional concerns, please contact customer service directly.

How long does it take to deliver a parcel within UK mainland?

If the parcel has already arrived in our warehouse in the United Kingdom, it will be delivered to your delivery address in 1 to 5 working days. If you were provided with a tracking number, you can use this number to track your package’s existing delivery stage to get a better idea of the duration and the whereabouts of your package. (more…)

I did not receive my package, what shall I do now?

If you did not receive the goods by the expected delivery date, please contact the seller/online retailer directly for more information. In many cases, One World Express is the 3rd party logistics provider and not the courier that will deliver your package directly to your delivery address. One World partners with logistics firms to deliver your package directly to your home once it has arrived in your country of residence, such as Royal Mail in the United Kingdom, for Example who will be responsible to hand your package directly to your doorstep.

If you have a tracking number, you can also contact us directly with the tracking number so we can investigate the reasons for the delay of your package.

The goods i receive did not match the description of the product I purchased online, What do I do now?

Please contact the seller or original shipper for further assistance.

One World Express only supports with the international and domestic logistics of delivering your package and/or order you bought online. The online retailer you purchased your goods from will support you with next steps, including: refunding, exchanges, or returning the goods back to them.

Why did my goods and parcel arrive late and take so long to be delivered?

Your transit time for product/goods delivery depends on the delivery service you purchased at time of online checkout, such as: regular, registered, or express shipment. Our commitment is that your package of goods will be delivered to you within the booked service transit times.

Delivery time can depend on final city or country of destination. In general Express shipping is the fastest and can take anything between 1-5 business days for delivery depending on country; and regular untracked parcel from a country like China can take anything from 30-60 days to be delivered to your door-step. Please follow up directly with your original seller or sender to know which service you opted-in for when you purchased your order online or booked your domestic or international shipment.

How can I find out which carrier will deliver my parcel to my delivery address?

As a third-party delivery agent we are unable to advise you who is your actual shipper or who will deliver your package to your doorstep. Please check your order invoice to see the shippers details, and contact the company directly for more information.

I received an unwanted good, can you pick-up as a return?

Yes, We will be happy to assist you in that matter. Please, contact our customer service team for further assistance and information.