About Us

One World Express – Enablers of Cross Border eCommerce

One World Express is a leading cross border solutions provider. Our logistics knowledge and strategic partnerships allow us to excel in the cross border arena to provide a first class service and innovative solutions to E-Retailers.

Today’s cross border commerce requires a wide variety of solutions, flexibility, services and technology is a key to effectively meeting both the retailer’s & consumer’s expectations.

It is important to empower online retailers with cross-border solutions that brings choice and flexibility which would enable them to deliver on their own and the consumer’s expectations.

End-to-end tracking, full visibility, multiple shipping options based on SKU, Basket value, Geographical location, Consumer requirement and e-retailers budgets play a vital role in effectively delivering a successful cross border commerce strategy. Can a single IT platform deliver these complex requirements to successfully operate cross border commerce?

One World Express delivers on these requirements through a single IT platform that can easily integrate into most Order & Warehouse management systems allowing their customers to succeed in cross border commerce.” Data driven logistics solutions and analytics helps One World deliver solutions the markets are seeking.